Work Requirements for Food Stamps

Typically, non-disabled working age adults without dependents who participate in the food stamps program have to fulfill certain work requirements. During the recession, the Obama administration created waivers for these work requirements.

This week, I introduced a bill that eliminates these work requirement waivers for non-disabled working age adults without dependents.

My bill is an important step in reforming welfare programs to help free capable individuals from government dependence and empower them to achieve the American Dream. I know that individuals fall on hard times occasionally and assistance should be available, but these work requirement waivers are part of an unfortunate trend of government laws and regulations that create disincentives for individuals to work.

For more information on my bill, please click here.

Wisconsin in D.C.
On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Association and the Wisconsin Restaurant Association stopped by my office for meetings.

My meeting with the Alzheimer's Association was informative, and it was wonderful to see the members' commitment to advocating for finding a cure for such a devastating disease.

I met with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association to discuss issues, like tax reform, that are important to restaurant owners and those who work in the restaurant industry.

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Glenn Grothman
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