Seniors, Social Security and Medicare

Social Security is an important program for millions of American seniors. Unfortunately, the Social Security program is facing serious financial shortfalls.  By 2033, the Social Security Trust Fund will run out of money, and seniors relying on their Social Security checks will see their benefits cut by roughly 21%. This is unacceptable. As your Representative in Congress, I’ll fight to protect and preserve Social Security so current and future retirees have the program available to them. To do so, Congress needs to start working now to ensure the program’s vitality for today’s retirees and tomorrow’s. The longer we wait the worse the situation will become.  

Medicare is an equally important program that has protected America’s seniors for many years. This critical program is the principal source of health insurance coverage for more than 65 million Americans. I am committed to preserving and protecting Medicare for senior citizens in or near retirement. I promise to be a part of the solution to make sure Medicare is available for generations to come as I serve you in Congress. 

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