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No American Deaths Since Taliban Peace Treaty

Washington, September 22, 2020 | Timothy Svoboda (202-225-2476)

Today at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-06) uncovered that since the February 29 U.S.-Taliban peace agreement negotiated by President Trump, no Americans have been killed in Afghanistan.

This news comes on the heels of last week’s report that the Taliban have begun peace talks with the Afghan government after President Trump “paved the way for negotiations”.

At the Hearing, Grothman Questioned Ambassador Zalmay Khalizad, Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation at the Department of State and David F. Helvey, Performing the Duties of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs.

Excerpts of Grothman’s questioning

Mr. Helvey: Since the February 29th Agreement was signed, there have been no U.S. service personnel killed in Afghanistan.”

Congressman Glenn Grothman: “I want you to repeat that again because that is one of those things that if I repeat it back home people won’t even believe the numbers. Can you say that again?”

Helvey: “Zero U.S. service personnel have been killed since February 29 when we signed the agreement with the Taliban.”

Grothman: “Wow, so in the last seven months, no Americans have been killed in Afghanistan.”

Click here to watch the clip

Click here to view Grothman’s full questioning.


U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman is serving his third term representing Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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