Area Congressman Urges Retention of Fair Labor Provision

By: Damon Ryan (See Hafer News)

6th District Congressman Glenn Grothman yesterday urged members of the Education and Labor Committee to protect Section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Without Section 14c, many individuals with disabilities could lose their jobs and be relegated to adult daycare.  And despite this fact, some in Washington are working to remove the provision.

During a hearing on the subject, Grothman urged committee members to personally tour some of the facilities themselves.

“I have ten in my district,” Grothman explained. “I don’t know how anyone could tour these facilities to see how happy the employees are to have a 30-to-35 hour a week job like their siblings and friends.”

The Republican Congressman said he’s been told by those directly affected by this proposal that “It’s discouraging to have big brother come in and say you can’t have that option. I have talked to people who moved to something in the community.  Either that job is a 6-or-7 hour job instead of a 30-hour job or they just don’t like it because they like so much the current setting.”

Grothman closed by saying, “To get rid of this is taking such a wonderful choice away from people.”

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