Dozens Of House Republicans Demand Biden Rescue American Missionaries Abducted In Haiti

By: Henry Rodgers (Daily Caller)

A group of 33 House Republicans sent a letter Thursday to President Joe Biden demanding that the U.S. government utilize all available resources to locate and rescue the 17 American missionaries abducted in Haiti.


The letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, was spearheaded by Republican Georgia Rep. Jody Hice and called on Biden to rescue the 17 American missionaries. They were reportedly abducted by a gang known for previous kidnappings. The Christian Aid Ministries missionaries were kidnapped on their way from the construction of an orphanage, according to a message from Ohio-based ministry.

“The President of the United States has a clear duty to protect Americans both at home and abroad. President Biden shamefully disregarded this duty when he abandoned hundreds of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan,” Hice said in a statement. (RELATED: Gang Blamed For Kidnapping 17 American Missionaries In Haiti)

“Now, more Americans are in peril, and it’s President Biden’s responsibility to bring these missionaries home. Our country has lost faith in Biden’s commitment to safeguarding Americans, and my colleagues and I demand that he utilizes every resource of the U.S. government to rescue our citizens abducted in Haiti. It’s more important now than ever to demonstrate on the world stage that America will always protect its citizens,” he continued. (RELATED: Haitian Kidnappers Ask For $17 Million To Release American Missionaries)

The group of 17 missionaries includes five men, seven women and five children, the ministry said in a statement Sunday. The State Department told NBC that 16 of the victims were U.S. citizens and that the incident took place in greater Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.


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