Sean Duffy and Glenn Grothman Co-Introduce Hmong Freedom Fighters Resolution

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Washington, July 28, 2017 | Mark Bednar (202-738-0744) | comments

Wisconsin Congressmen Sean Duffy and Glenn Grothman today co-introduced a bipartisan resolution to honor Hmong freedom fighters who heroically supported and defended the United States Armed Forces in Southeast Asia.

Click HERE to watch a short video of Duffy and Grothman discussing the resolution.


Duffy: “Hey everybody! Sean Duffy here with Glenn Grothman. The two of us have partnered up on a resolution to say thank you to the Hmong community for all the help they gave the U.S. Government and the American military in our wars in southeast Asia. They were imperative as we engaged in those conflicts. This is one small effort from two Congressmen to say thank you from the U.S. Government to the great Hmong population, many who live in my district and in Glenn’s.”

Grothman: “Oh absolutely, Sean. And I cannot, one more time, emphasize the degree to which the Hmong population played in fighting the great wars against communism. It is something we should all be grateful for and it’s so wonderful to have so many Hmong here in the United States. Whether I show up at New Year’s celebrations in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, or Oshkosh, you can’t help remind me how much the Hmong culture brings to America and it does make it very enjoyable that you and I are leading this resolution.”

Duffy: “Absolutely. And when you talk about the culture, I love the food. So I want to thank Glenn Grothman. I’m Sean Duffy saying thank you to our Hmong population.”

Click here to read the resolution in its entirety.

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