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Grothman Applauds President for Supporting Welfare Reform

 Congressman Glenn Grothman (R-Glenbeulah) today applauded President Trump after the president’s remarks in support of welfare reform.

“Thank you, President Trump, for bringing sorely-needed welfare reform to the forefront of the country’s conversation,” said Grothman. “I strongly urge the upcoming conference committee to retain the mandatory cuts put in by the House. Congress needs to follow the president’s lead and use these mandatory cuts in the budget reconciliation process to enact welfare reform.

“Reconciliation through the budget process might be the last chance to do welfare reform for the following year. Failure of Congress to act unnecessarily delays Trump’s agenda, which is why we must act now.”

Grothman has been a long-time advocate for welfare reform since his time in the Wisconsin state legislature. While many government programs were originally designed to fight poverty, some are now hampering upward mobility among those they are trying to help. Grothman’s proposed reforms include incentivizing work, encouraging two-parent families and discouraging damaging behaviors like drug use.

Trump announced he’s looking “very strongly” at welfare reform on Monday, noting that it will be a “big topic” under his administration.


U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman is serving his second term representing Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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