Grothman Condemns Terror Group Hamas for Attack on Innocent Israeli Civilians

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Washington, August 10, 2018 | Rachel Ver Velde (202-225-2476) | comments

(Washington, D.C) – Congressman Glenn Grothman (R-Glenbeulah) today condemned Hamas for inciting violence against innocent Israeli civilians earlier this week.   

“For 11 years, Hamas has ruled over Gaza at the detriment of Palestinian civilians and peace in the region. Rather than focusing on access to education, improving the economy, and the overall welfare of its people, Hamas has solely concentrated its efforts on the destruction of Israel.

While unsurprising with Hamas’ record, it is nevertheless troubling that in the midst of peace talks on a potential cease-fire agreement, Hamas has chosen to terrorize innocent Israeli civilians by firing over 180 rockets into Israel this week. It’s clear that Hamas cares only about inciting terror, not building peace.

I’m further disturbed by the international community’s failure to condemn Hamas. The international community is quick to villainize Israel when a Palestinian civilian is unfortunately harmed as a result of defensive efforts, yet silent when multiple Israeli citizens are injured and tens of thousands are hiding in bomb shelters as a result of Hamas-led terror attacks. The hypocrisy is astounding and civilians living near Israel’s southern border deserve better.

I thank the State Department for condemning the attacks.

Hamas needs to be held accountable by the international community for its incitement of violence. The terror group must end their attacks on innocent civilians and adhere fully to any potential cease-fire agreement.”

Founded in 1987, Hamas is an Iranian-backed terrorist organization focused on the destruction of Israel, ruling over the Gaza Strip since its violent overtake in 2007. Since its inception, Hamas has killed over 500 Israeli civilians. Over the years, Hamas has incited violence at Israel’s southern border, including provoking 3 wars. The terror group often targets Israeli civilians and is known for using Palestinian civilians as shields to protect themselves from Israeli defensive attacks.  

On late Wednesday and early Thursday, Hamas fired over 180 rockets and mortar shells into Israel. Multiple Israelis were injured and homes, businesses and infrastructure were damaged. Tens of thousands of Israelis were forced to hide in bomb shelters. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responded to the attacks by targeting over 150 terrorist sites. The escalation in violence comes amidst Egyptian-brokered peace talks on reaching a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Late Thursday, reports emerged of a potential agreement on a cease-fire to end the current wave of violence. While the IDF has not confirmed a cease-fire agreement, as of Friday morning, the current wave of violence has ceased.  More information can be found here.




U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman is serving his second term representing Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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